Madness at Arkham

A last stand

Tommy Hayes led the way into the tunnels. The Constable carried the bandaged and groaning Maeve on a makeshift gurney. They were surprised and relieved to see that the tunnels were illuminated by lamps, suggesting that they were frequently used. The group paused to rest for a moment and reload their weapons. The elephant guns were running low on ammunition….

The group made its way slowly forward, with Vincent and Clint serving as forward scouts. After walking for ten minutes through the damp tunnels, Vincent heard some noise up ahead. He scouted it out and saw three of what must have been the “cross ’tween a viper and a Chinamen” standing in the shadows in a cave filled with large stalagmites. They were holding objects made of glass and some kind of metal. There was no way back, so the group decided to use the element of surprise—-and the elephant guns—-to make short work of the lizard men. Clint, Madame Fri Fri and Alistair burst into the room and opened fire, killing two of the creatures and wounding the third, who pointed the glass object at them and hissed as a flash of intense light shot forward, missing the three, but hitting the Professor who was standing behind them. A .45 caliber slug silenced the snake man forever.

Suddenly three armed men emerged from behind stalagmites. It was a trap! Seeing that they were in a deadly field of fire, the group retreated quickly through the door as Fergus and Alistair opened fire, while an old man that they surmised was Duncan MacBain began to chant and gesticulate.

After several false starts and some confusion, the group decided that the only way through would be to risk being shot as they crossed the ground between the cave opening and the stalagmites. They hurled in a lantern as a distraction and then charged into the cave, blazing away. In the confusion, they were able to close the distance and take cover behind the stalagmites that the men were using as cover. The Professor prepared a spell as the group prepared to jump over the stalagmites and fight the three men hand to hand. As the group spun around to fight, the Professor finished his short chant and pointed at Fergus, who blackened and fell to the floor. The other two men were brought down with gunfire.

They moved forward through the tunnels until they reached a large cavern with several entrances. Two large slimy holes bracketed the cavern on two sides. The ground rumbled and the place stank of earth and rotting meat. As the group moved through the tunnels, they discovered that there was a door in the outer wall that led to Duncan MacBain’s shack. They heard a woman’s voice from behind them “Protect the Disk!” At that moment, the ground erupted and they saw a huge, hideous Thing, with a mass of ropey tentacles spilling from its front. It looked to be the size of several subway cars. The Professor raised the cane and began to intone his spell, while the group escaped through the door to the outside world. The spell had no effect on the creature, but the Professor began screaming and clawing at his head. The investigators grabbed him and they fled out the door.

They stood outside MacBain’s shack for a minute, drinking scotch from a bottle they found in the shack. Alistair was commenting on the scotch’s surprisingly high quality when the shack exploded in a shower of wood and dirt. The Thing had burrowed beneath the ground to find them! They began to run, as it rumbled and slithered towards them. The Professor said “we must stop it!” and turned towards the creature, intoning a spell. The rest of the group unslung their weapons and started emptying clips into the creature while the Professor finished his spell. They brought it down, but couldn’t stop themselves from continuing to shoot the thing after it had stopped moving. They stood for a moment, clutching their weapons. Then, as if they all knew what they had to do, they ran to Cannich, commandeered several vehicles and fled for their lives to Inverness.

Two days later they left Inverness with their two pieces of the R’lyeh Disk and headed back to the US. They left Maeve in the hospital to recover from her gunshot wound. Tommy Hayes filed a report with Scotland Yard that laid blame for the carnage in Cannich on the Order of the Silver Twilight, whose ranks he had infiltrated. There was no mention of magic or strange creatures. Because of their role in bringing down the coven, the investigators were cleared of any wrongdoing.

Their minds badly battered, they boarded a liner back to the States. Upon reaching Arkham, they brought Vincent and the Professor to the Arkham Asylum for a period of rest. The Professor wailed piteously as the orderlies took his cane from him for his own safety. He kept shouting that he must be allowed to visit with his son. They had a lot of catching up to do…



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