Madness at Arkham

Arkham Interlude

Late November, 1928. The group had gone into hiding in Arkham after its daring raid on the Look to the Future headquarters in New York. Bryan Slim had been killed and the group had come face to face with one of the thousand forms of the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep. It called itself Lostalus Black this time and it had taken human form. The Professor’s friend David Lee had fled the scene before the encounter. It was time to regroup, rest and retool for whatever would come next.

The raid revealed several key pieces of information. First, they recovered written instructions for some sort of mass ritual. The group deduced that this ritual, which would take place somewhere near Easter Island, was intended to accelerate the rise of Great Cthulhu from the sunken city of R’lyeh, to once again establish the dominion of the Great Old Ones over a subjugated Earth. Second, the Silver Twilight was looking for several objects that play a central role in this obscene ritual: the Arc of Vlactos, which was purported to be somewhere in California, and the R’lyeh Disk, which the Order was searching for in Scotland. “Belphegor” and “Anne Chantraine” were somehow involved with the operations in Scotland. The Silver Twilight’s larger plan was coming into focus.

The group decided to use their time to study several of their arcane tomes. They would need more than guns to prevail against the machinations of the global Order…



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