Madness at Arkham

Two out of three

That night, after the MacNair fainting episode, the group returned to the bar to plot their next course of action. Clint hauled two pieces of the R’lyeh Disk up to his room, each piece covered by a large canvas bag. The Inn was packed that night: Wally MacMurdo, Sandy MacBean, Father MacBride, Dr. Kennedy, Fergus MacInnes, Alistair MacGilliverny, Constable Sandy MacNeil and Tommy Hayes all sat eating and drinking in the smokey room. Fergus and Alistair eyed eyed Clint with great interest. Alistair left the Inn to “stretch his legs.” Two fires roared at either end of the Inn. The group sat with Father MacBride and Dr. Kennedy to relate the day’s events.

About twenty minutes later, as the group sat talking to Kennedy and Father MacBride, they noticed Alistair MacGilliverny, the schoolteacher, re-enter the Inn and take his seat by the bar. A minute or so later, a rock shattered a window, startling everyone in the room. Amid the shouts and stammers, Alistair, Fergus and Wally MacMurdo made their way over to the group, with concealed butcher’s knife and billy clubs. Wally clumsily kicked over a chair and alerted the group that they were about to be ambushed. Without blinking, and to remarkable effect, the now-seasoned investigators grabbed heavy crockery from their table and hurled it at their assailants. A heavy mug shattered on Fergus’s head, knocking him out cold. Two plates and another mug struck Alistair, who went spilling ass-backwards into a table full of haggis, scotch pie and piping hot “Scotch broth.” He lay still, groaning under the table. Not to be outdone, Madame Fri Fri hurled a sharp meat knife at Wally, striking him square in the chest. Sir Alistair Falconer shouted, leaped over the table and kicked Wally, who collapsed on the knife protruding from his chest and expired. These three men were not the first—-and would not be the last—-to pay dearly for underestimating the firm of Falconer and Associates.

Gunfire erupted outside, shattering several windows. Mr. Hayes identified himself as Scotland Yard and ordered the Constable to restrain Fergus and Alistair. He then directed the investigators to push the large tables up against the door and windows and to bar the door. The back door was also secured. The gunfire stopped and they heard a voice outside: “Give us the disk and we will let you live!” It was the arrogant bastard Ian MacLennan. The Professor began to speak with Ian while several other members went upstairs in case of an attempt on the R’lyeh disk. Their suspicions were confirmed as four Byakhee smashed through the windows on the top floor. With some skillful gunplay, the Byakhee were killed. Minutes later, a Hunting Horror slithered and winged its way into the upper floor. This servant of Nyarlathotep proved much more difficult to dispatch, requiring six shots from the elephant gun.

In a panic, Little Orchid ran into their room and attempted to escape through Karl Stanford’s gate box——but it no longer worked! Now they truly were trapped….

Downstairs, Fergus and Alistair escaped in the chaos and confusion. Tommy Hayes then remembered that there was a room in the basement that the coven used for rituals. This room also had a trap door in the floor through which they might be able to escape. They decided to head off that way with the Disk, but not before Maeve was shot in the chest, nearly killing her. Her life was saved by skillful medical attention. The group headed into the basement, carrying a badly injured Maeve and two of the three pieces of the R’lyeh Disk. For good measure, Vincent doused the bar with alcohol and set it ablaze to slow any pursuers. They lifted the trap door and entered the tunnels beneath Cannich….



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