Vincent Tolden

A young Puerto Rican drifter looking for higher education and a better way of life.

Strength 9 Constitution 11 Dexterity 15
Intelligence 16 Power 12 Apperance 12
Size 13 Education 16
Idea 80 Luck 60 Knowledge 80 Sanity 60
Magic Points 12 Hit Points 12

Occupation Skills (Off of a 320pt base)

- Bargain 25% (20+05)
- Fast Talk 60% (55+05)
- Hide 60% (50+10)
- Listen 50% (25+25)
- Natural History 50% (40+10)
- Psychology 60% (55+05)
- Sneak 60% (50+10)
- First Aid 55% (25+30)

Hobby Skills (Off of a 160pt base)

- Craft 35% (30+05)
- Disguise 30% (29+01)
- Dodge ? (no idea how to do this I put 10 points here)
- Kick 45% (20+25)
- Handgun 50% (30+20)
- Swim 66% (41+25)

Name: Vincent Todan (Actual name: Vincente Lombardo Toledano) Birthplace: Puerto Rico Concept: Wayward Drifter turned wannabe student

I was going to play him as an immigrant to the US from the Caribbean but found out due to the Jones Act of 1917 collectively everyone from Puerto Rico is a citizen of the US. Due to growing up during the Spanish American War invasion in 1898 he’s a bit cautious of military and police officers in the US (So yes, US military and government = slight to moderate paranoia).

The son of a farmer (Miguel Toledano) Vincent understood and appreciated the concept of Hard Work at an early age. With that in mind though he is a thinker first though and quite good at it. As a young boy the concept of resolving problems through sly words and running seemed a better idea then meeting every challenge head on. Although he does consider himself to be, he is a people person, easy to talk to and get along with.

The Later Years: In a way it was somewhat rebellious some thought in his village but Vincent didn’t think so. Every man must find his own path to walk Vincent thought, his just didn’t involve farming. Coming to the stats Vincent did not expect to be welcomed totally with open arms but he didn’t expect to be treated as subhuman at times by people. He eventually ended up in Lawrence Massachusetts aka Immigrant City and made a living doing odd jobs here and there and traveling to various places around the New England area. He learned various new customs of various immigrants and a bit of the language, not enough to be fluent but enough to understand someone in need of help or someone not wanting to be bothered. Between the culture shock and blending, the sometimes harsh living conditions, little or no medical care, and sporadic bouts of xenophobic racism to immigrants most would think Vincent wouldn’t be that happy. They would be partially right. He was content in a way having such freedom to go and do as he pleased meeting and reconnecting with several friends but he wanted more out of his life.

An Educated Mind: Vincent had always been a bit of a tinkerer whether farm machinery or something that needed repair, if he was unable to repair something out of lack of knowledge he was always curious to watch someone who could. Vincent knew he was by no means brilliant but he felt himself to be somewhat gifted and looked and talked to immigrants about Universities. Possible work and the glimmer of an opportunity would find Vincent making his way to Arkham, Massachusetts

Vincent Tolden

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