Madness at Arkham

Initiation rites

The group attended the Friday night Silver Twilight party the day after the Gramercy Park shootout. They were determined not to botch their next onsite Hermetic Order investigation again. This night the group was to be officially inducted into the Hermetic Order. After drinks at the bar, the group was led upstairs where they donned black robes. A servant placed a blindfold on each of them and led them forward. They were then stopped and asked to kneel. Their blindfolds were removed. They were before an altar, surrounded by many robed figures. Karl Stanford was sitting on a raised dais holding his silver cane. The ever-present Max Reed stood beside him, staring blankly ahead.

John Scott hovered before the group, standing on a raised dais, holding what appeared to be a silver staff. He spoke with his raspy voice:

“Tonight, the Order is ready to receive new brothers and sisters. The noble purposes of the Order are: charity, brotherhood and enlightenment. Scholarship is dedicated to each rank within our order. These principles of each rank are as such: Neophytes seek a knowledge of the different sciences and scientific thought. Initiates seek the noble cause of philosophy. Masters seek knowledge of true magic.

Are you all here according to your own will?

Entrance to the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight is predicated upon four basic tenets. Once a member of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight you become a member for life. Do you understand? Upon repeating this oath, you are making a commitment to pay your membership dues on time and to act within the bylaws and regulations of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight. There are four guiding principles of membership to the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight. It is upon these principles upon which you will take an oath.

Repeat after me:

I shall always keep the activities of the Order secret. I will tell no living soul what is discussed in this meeting room now and forever. All words and discussion conversed here must remain within you as an act of will, brotherhood and all that is righteous. There is no acceptance of discussing secrets of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight to anyone who is not a member of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight.

I will live according to the guiding principles of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight. Those principles are brotherhood, science, philosophy and magic.

I will always help another member of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight when in need. All members of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight are now my brothers and sisters and one of my family. I, in turn, now have a family of brothers and sisters whom I can call upon when in need.

I will forever seek after knowledge. I commit myself to the erudition of forever seeking further wisdom, learning and scholarship.

Above all else, I will remain loyal to the members and the lodge of The Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight. I seek acceptance into the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight.

“Welcome to the Order, Brothers and Sisters!”

After the ceremony, the members returned to the ground level for more lively discussion. Towards the end of the evening, Vincent stole the keys from the kitchen while others created a diversion. During conversation, Karl Stanford, when asked if he knew Professor Peale at Miskatonic, was visibly shaken, whereupon he asked the group if they would join him for a private dinner at the lodge house next Wednesday evening. The group warily agreed. The evening wound down and everyone left around midnight.

The group had resolved to find James Clark tonight, so they returned to the Hermetic Order lodge house at 3 am, using the keys to enter through the back. They discovered a staircase leading from the lodge hall to a series of ceremonial rooms above. At this point, the group began to get an inkling that the Order’s purpose was far more sinister than even they had imagined. A series of chambers revealed what could only be initiation rooms, marked with the cryptic names: “Keeper of the Silver Gate,” “Knight of the Outer Void,” “Son of Yog-Sothoth” and “Wizard.” One wall of each room was covered by a large tapestry that depicted in almost photographic detail, hideous creatures, some serpentine, others man-shaped, cavorting about a central figure that the group identified as the Great Cthulhu himself. Above his head, a large yellow disc radiating outwards, seemed to depict the rising sun. The group was shaken by this, particularly Vincent, who vomited upon seeing it and passed out briefly.

They descended the basement stairs, which led to a series of large caverns under the house. There, in what must have been Karl Stanford’s library, the group found a copy of the Greek Necronomicon secreted beneath the bookcase. The Professor snatched the ancient book, and a large box on the desk and the group delved deeper into the cavern. They entered a massive chamber, filled with covered pits and cells along the walls. In one half-open pit they saw, illuminated by several flashlights, a horrible thing, a partially-formed thing, wailing piteously. In one of the cells, they found a half-starved James Clark, whom they carried upstairs and out the door into the cold Boston night.

The Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight

The next day the group split up to pursue the Red Brick LLC lead and to inquire about joining the Hermetic Order. They discovered that James Clark had deposited a large sum of money into a shell corporation that the firm has long maintained for use by clients. The same day a man named Lostalus Black was added as a partner in Red Brick. The day before Mr. Clark’s disappearance on September 10, 1928, Mr. Black withdrew all the money from Red Brick from Boston Prudential’s New York branch. The group telephoned the bank and learned that a Mr. Charles Hamilton was in charge of the Red Brick account but that he had not been to work that day. The group decided to visit New York the next day to inquire about Red Brick and Mr. Black at the bank.

In the early afternoon, the group called on the Hermetic Order, met Mr. John Scott, and paid their membership fee (financed by Alistair Falconer). Scott had pockmarked skin, and long, white hair (which many members of the order think is quite bohemian!) There was a faint odor of formaldehyde about him. They attended a party at the lodge house that same night. The soiree was attended by some of Boston’s finest citizens, the bar was well stocked and the conversation lively. Clint and Rod remained outside to keep an eye out for anything particularly suspicious. The group split up to mingle with the guests and generally get the lay of the land. They saw a man the guests identified as Carl Stanford accompanied by a squat, imposing man, identified as his driver and manservant.

Early in the evening Vincent Tolden decided to snoop around in the kitchen and spotted a set of stairs descending into the darkness. He discovered a cavernous basement level with a locked door. He then returned to the lodge level, scouted out the kitchen and back door and saw that there were a set of keys hanging near the door.

Meanwhile, the group decided that they might need to have a firearm or two with them. The plan was to have Rod quietly open the bathroom window and secret a handgun in the cabinet. Unfortunately, Rod inadvertently smashed the window. The Professor pretended as if the loud noise had been an intruder, and Scott decided it would be best if the party was adjourned for the evening.

The next morning, the group took a train to New York to track down the bank lead and speak with Charles Hamilton. When the learned that he had not been to work again that morning, they drove to his house in Gramercy Park. When the arrived, they peeked in the windows and noticed some men sitting around a kitchen table, drinking what looked like whiskey and smoking. The group split up, with some heading to the back and the others to the front door. Little Orchid knocked on the door and attempted to charm her way in, but a thuggish man grabbed her arm and dragged her in the house, where a struggle ensued. The rest of the group entered the back window and heard shots fired. In a few seconds it was over, with two of the thugs shot to death, Little Orchid unconscious with two gunshot wounds and the third thug brought down by a bone-crunching blow to the nose, courtesy of Alistair Falconer. They quickly searched the house and found Hamilton beaten to death. Fearing immanent police involvement, they headed off to take Little Orchid to the hospital, but not before stuffing the wounded man into their trunk for offsite interrogation. They feared they were being followed by the police, but safely arrived at a deserted warehouse near the docks, where after some interrogation and a promise to book him passage on a tramp steamer, the man revealed that he worked for Lostalus Black and was instructed to kill Hamilton, which the group had done yesterday morning. When they discovered he had several bottles of good whiskey, they decided to stay there a while, drink and smoke hashish. The group made good their promise and booked passage aboard a ship, and made contact with their friend, Madame Frifri, a shady art dealer who had accompanied them on some of their Arkham exploits in 1927. They then headed back to Boston.

It begins

Arkham, Massachusetts, September 12, 1928. Clint Mclintock was sitting in his new office, dressed in rumpled city clothes and nursing a hangover. “Falconer & Associates” had just opened for business. Alistair, Little Orchid (a rough translation of Roturu Ran, her Japanese name), Rod and the rest had drunk their fill of expensive gin the night before. “The Firm,” as they had taken to calling themselves, had purchased a building on Parsonage Street, several blocks from Miskatonic University. The building was fitted with a secure room hidden below ground, where high quality alcohol, illegal weapons and several strange books were hidden. The group was celebrating the release of Little Orchid from the Arkham Sanitarium.

The group had acquired a reputation of sorts in certain circles and had come to the attention of certain knowledgeable parties with connection to Miskatonic University. The morning of the 12th, a man telephoned The Firm and made an appointment for that morning. Clint assembled the group, who ate breakfast and awaited the arrival of Professor Peale, archaeologist from Miskatonic University. A portly, well-dressed man in his late 50s, the Professor hired the group to conduct a discreet investigation into the disappearance of a prominent Boston attorney, James Clark, who had recently joined a fraternal order called “The Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight.” The group was intrigued by this last detail and decided to accept the case. The $100 a day plus expenses sealed the deal.

The group decided to split up, with Little Orchid doing some background work on the Professor and the rest heading off to Boston. The trip to Miskatonic revealed that Professor Peale was known to be odd, even for a professor and that he was engaged in some sort of unorthodox research at a secret library on campus. In Boston, some investigation revealed that James Clark had been behaving quite oddly of late and seemed to have donated a large portion of his holdings to a group called “Red Brick LLC.” The group also discovered that they would be able to join the Hermetic Order for $500 per person. They decided that they would do just that tomorrow. They rented several hotel rooms, ate dinner and retired for the evening.

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