Our Arkham campaign unfolds in the classic Cthulhu 1920s setting. We strive for a “pulp” feel, strong on setting, dialog and action. Thus, there is slightly less emphasis on sanity than in a conventional Cthulhu campaign and more on the flavor of the period, sleuthing and, of course, disrupting the nefarious plots of sinister cultists world wide. Because the campaign is based in Arkham, characters interact with notables from the Miskatonic University community, and will be able to draw on Miskatonic resources as they delve deeper into arcane and eldritch horrors. Of course, because Arkham is a fairly small community, this means that the group’s exploits are more likely to come to the attention of the local authorities. They may see their strange adventures littering the pages of local and regional papers more than they’d like. Of course, this means that their exploits may draw all sorts of unwelcome attention from far more dangerous sources than the Arkham Police Department.

The characters have recently opened a private investigation firm, Falconer & Associates, so denominated because of financial backing from the wealthy Englishman Alistair Falconer. The other characters, a displaced western lawman, an exotic (if unstable) actress, a professor with connections to Miskatonic and a hardened mercenary with his own agenda, form the core of the group thus far.

In a short period, The Firm, as the group has taken to calling themselves, has thwarted the machinations of Yog G’olonac, put down a colony of degenerate rat-men, torched a lighthouse containing an unwelcome visitor from another dimension and laid to rest a group of dead children zombified by their grieving father. In between all of this, the group enjoys frequent and illegal cocktails, and high-quality beer imported from Canada.

The Firm has recently taken what at first seemed like a routine case to locate a prominent Boston attorney gone missing. They quickly learned that the missing lawyer was involved with a group known as “The Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight” and that the group may harbor secrets of its own…

Madness at Arkham

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