Madness at Arkham

An Explosion in Boston!

By the early afternoon of the encounter with Stanford and Max Reed, a plan was taking shape. They decided that they would neither return the dread Necronomicon nor meet with Stanford. Instead, they would buy time by telling Stanford that they had secreted the book in a bank and that he could retrieve it tomorrow. Then, they would head to Boston to attack the Hermetic Order lodge house directly. By the mid afternoon, they had decided to head to Boston and contact Stanford there. They took several rooms at the Omni Parker House, the poshest hotel in Boston. After all, they might not live out the night….

Vincent and Clint headed over to scout out the Hermetic Order later that afternoon and overheard several kitchen workers discussing the menu for the party later that evening. Vincent kicked over several garbage cans behind the house while they were sneaking out, but they were not detected. While they were sneaking back through the woods, they looked back and saw Karl Stanford and Max Reed exit the front door, enter a luxury Model L Lincoln auto. At the same time, two delivery trucks entered the rear gate and ten tough looking gentlemen entered the lodge house from the back.

Soon thereafter, the group decided to execute their attack on the Hermetic Order immediately. With Stanford and Reed gone, and Scott presumably on the premises, they might not get another opportunity like this. They armed themselves——including a Thompson submachine gun and ten sticks of dynamite——and positioned themselves around the house. The idea was to start a fire to empty the workers out of the house, fight it out with the thugs, track down Scott and dissolve him to blue dust via the Resurrection spell. Rod, Alistair and the Madame positioned themselves in the woods with line of sight to the large front entrance. Clint and Vincent positioned themselves near the rear door. The Professor cowered behind one of the cars, clutching the briefcase with the odious Necronomicon. If things went wrong, as they likely would, surely nobody would suspect an old man with an unassuming briefcase?

Clint began the attack by hurling several Molotov cocktails through the kitchen and side windows, hoping to herd people through the front doors. Workers scurried about to douse the flames, but only a few stumbled out the back door. At that point, Clint decided to hurl a stick of dynamite through a side window to achieve the desired effect. Moments after the explosion, the remaining workers spilled out the back and began to flee. The front doors of the lodge suddenly opened and the ten thugs poured out, with one group of five heading left and the others right. With a grim smile, Rod stepped into the clearing with the Thompson and without hesitation opened fire, cutting down all five men and wounding a sixth from the other group. At the same moment, Madame Frifri brought down another man with her .38 pistol while Alistair did the same with his .45. The last two men returned fire, missed and were gunned down in the deadly crossfire. Ten men, dead or wounded lay on the ground. Alistair slew the remaining wounded men with his sword cane and took a swig from his flask of gin.

Each group ran into the house and they ran upstairs to track down Scott. On their way up, they encountered three of Scott’s undead servants, smelling of formaldehyde like their master. Rod gleefully mowed them down with the Tommy gun and they ran upstairs to the top floor. They quickly searched the rooms, one by one, until they reached a locked door at the very end—-Scott’s summoning room! Clint kicked the door in and saw Scott, chanting and gesticulating, with three more of his undead minions before him. At that moment, a wave of energy struck Clint, who was burned badly and sent flying into the hallway. Rod stepped up and emptied the Thompson clip into the room, killing the minions. The Professor began chanting the reverse resurrection spell, while Scott stood transfixed and looked down the hallway behind the group. There, Alistair and the others heard a strange, wet, tittering sound, like a hundred mouths gasping for air, but they saw nothing, until Alistair felt something strike him, tearing his clothes and Vincent was grabbed and lifted off the floor. The invisible creature began filling with Vincent’s blood, as he screamed helplessly. The sight of the hideous creature paralyzed the group with fear. Meanwhile, the Professor finished the spell and Scott screamed and was returned to bluish dust. The Professor turned and beheld the thing that was exsanguinating poor Vincent, turned apoplectic with rage and rushed forward. Madame Frifri shot the thing, and, seeing that it was freed from Scott’s bondage it tossed Vincent to the floor and fled.

The still sane and unwounded members of the group moved (or carried) the others down the stairs. They stumbled into their cars. The Professor, still in the grips of homicidal mania, grabbed a bundle of five sticks of dynamite, lit it and ran into the burning house. He hurled the dynamite and was pulled out of the collapsing house by Alistair. The group sped off into the night, seeing a massive fireball and a shower of glass, wood and stone fall all around them. They dropped off Clint and Vince at the local hospital, slept at the Omni Parker House and headed back to Arkham in the morning.


Madame Fri Fri, as the nice lady she is, will take a little trip to NY to visit Little Orchid and bring her some chocolates and gin and tonics.

An Explosion in Boston!

That is quite civilized of you. Little Orchid could use some cheering up. The good news is that she’ll be back in circulation next time we play!

An Explosion in Boston!

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